ACC Mental Health Summit

During the first ever ACC Mental Health Summit, Bailey got to do a live Stronger Scars recording. The interview consisted of 6 ACC student-athletes. The summit focused on exploring different care strategies that Universities can use to take care of their student-athletes dealing with mental health issues and placed emphasis on the process of breaking the stigma of mental health.

“Getting to be a part of the ACC Mental Health Summit was an honor. I learned a lot about not only how my school can grow in different aspects of their care for mental health, but also how I can actively become a helper in breaking the stigma of mental health across the Notre Dame campus. I was so excited to get to share Stronger Scars with everyone and spread awareness for injured student-athletes. Everyone I got to interview had a new insight on what it is like to be injured and how the process makes you stronger.” - Founder of Stronger Scars, Bailey Cartwright

“This summit absolutely fueled my passion to bringing mental health and wellness to the forefront of collegiate Athletics, nationwide. Bailey’s, “Stronger Scars” podcast is one of the most incredible initiatives I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of. The concept of celebrating one’s journey through testing times, is changing the culture of how we tackle and talk about life after injury.” - Kathleen Hanson, University of Miami

Bailey Cartwright