Amber Edemann

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My name is Amber Edemann and I am a senior at California State University Northridge. On November 3, 2013 I was a sophomore in high school, thinking I’d be participating in just another normal soccer practice. That was until I went into a tackle, heard my knee pop, and fell to the ground in tears. I had torn my Patella tendon in my right knee. It was about an 11 month gruesome recovery of constant PT and quad strengthening. I had just made it back in time to play my junior season, and finished off my high school career strong. Fast forward to my freshman year of college. I was on the field playing University of Nevada, Reno. I was running down the field and had to stop quickly to change direction. As soon as I had decelerated I had felt my right knee buckle and down I went right beyond center circle. I had torn my MPFL and my meniscus in my left knee. Another long period of recovery time of about 6-7 months before I’d be playing on the field again. Got back for my sophomore year of college ready to rock, had a great year. My junior year of college we were in Hawaii playing UH. My team was in for a corner kick as I stayed back with the UH’s forward. A ball had come out on the left side of the field toward my goal. I ran up to the ball and took a touch with my left foot when I suddenly felt a body come crashing through my right leg. All that was heard was a tree branch cracking sound, and a loud scream. After that tackle I had torn my MPFL, my meniscus, and a partial MCL. That injury led me to redshirt my senior year, but took that year as a MASSIVE growth year. Got faster, stronger, and more mentally tough than ever before. 16 months later I was cleared to step back on the field again. Today I am ready to play my super senior year and finish strong! I wouldn’t have been able to get through all this adversity if it wasn’t for my amazing coaches, teammates, friends, and athletic trainers along the way! Cheers to the 5th Years!

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