Elijah Burns

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My name is Elijah Burns, and I am a senior on the Notre Dame Men’s Basketball Team. March 7th 2015 is a day that I will never forget. During September of my senior year of high school I was hit in the air on a dunk attempt and came down weird on my ankle. The doctor said that I had a significant bone bruise on my left ankle. At first in my mind I was thinking the recovery for a surgery would not be that bad. However at five am the morning of my surgery I woke up terrified that I would not be able to play again for a while. And unfortunately I was right, and I missed the one event I dreamed about playing in as a kid the Jordan Brand Classic. When I arrived on campus later that summer I was eager to play the game that I loved. Yet again my hopes were derailed because I could not play more than three days without being in serious pain. In spite of not being able to play the opportunity that I received to redshirt my freshman season was a blessing in disguise. In January of that year after a great practice and lift I felt something really funny in my knee. Turns out I needed knee surgery as well. Undergoing two surgery’s within 10months changed my life and perspective on the game. Everything can be gone in a matter of seconds, you have to make the most of the time that you are given.

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