Kaitlyn Torres

Hi guys! My name is Kaitlyn Torres and I am 17 years old. My story starts during my freshman year of high school. When I was a freshman, I would start getting locking in my knee when I would play soccer. Since the locking continued, I went to the doctor and found out I was born with a discoid meniscus, that only 3% of the population have. I got surgery that November and I was back playing in three months. During my sophomore year, I experienced locking in the other knee. I went back to the doctor and found out I was also born with a discoid in my left knee too which is even more rare. I got surgery that December and was back to soccer in two months. Ever since, my knee was good until Junior year. In November I committed to Adelphi to play soccer. I was thrilled but two weeks later, I woke up one day and I couldn’t bear weight on my right knee. Confused, I went to PT to try to help it. It wasn’t helping so I went to doctor, after doctor, after doctor. No doctor knew what was wrong. Thy all said that Xrays and MRIS showed up normal. Some thought it was scar tissue but it wasn’t that. I got arthrograms and cortisone needles but nothing helped. So I decided to go to the HSS (hospital for special surgery) to see what they thought. The doctor said my meniscus detached but no one knew why. I got surgery that June and I was ready for my senior school ball season. It was my senior year. I was captain and I was so eager to play. I played a few games and then the pain came back. Again confused, I went back to the doctor and they said my meniscus detached again. I got surgery that January and this time symptoms came back in two months. Confused, my family and I decided that it was best to go to a specialist on the post lateral meniscus. I flew to Minnesota and he said it detached again. This time, he said he thinks it started from the rare discoid that I was born with. Perhaps the discoid surgery my freshman year didn’t work. We don’t really know but at least we have a possibility. I got another arthrogram to determine it was detached. It was and I also have a cyst. I will be getting surgery this July don’t before college . With my story, I’m not telling it so you can feel bad for me. I want people going through a stressful and tough injury that things will get better. I wasn’t positive at first but now I’m starting to be optimistic and think that there is a future with me and running again maybe even one with me and soccer. If you stay strong and don’t get discouraged, good things will come your way just keep fighting. My name is Kaitlyn Torres and this is my story.

Bailey Cartwright